Re: Transactional operation in janus-graph through gremlin queries

HadoopMarc <bi...@...>

Hi Anjani,

I am not sure if I understand your question and if your question already took the following into account:

What aspect of transactions do you miss? You can choose between tx.commit() for succesful insertion and tx.rollback() in case of exceptions.

Please clarify!


Op vrijdag 30 oktober 2020 om 08:15:36 UTC+1 schreef anj...@...:

Hi All,

We are using Janus 0.5.2 with Cassandra and Elastic-search. 
Currently for adding or updating a node we are using gremlin queries in java.  

We have a use case where we need to update multiple-nodes for a given metadata. We want to make sure updates to multiple nodes are transactional and when updates are happening, no other thread should update them.

Through gremlin queries do we have option to: 
 - achieve transaction updates.
 - locking/unlocking of nodes for updates?

Appreciate your thoughts/inputs.


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