Re: SimplePath query is slower in 6 node vs 3 node Cassandra cluster

BO XUAN LI <libo...@...>


> why the query is 3x slower on 6 nodes

Did you check the hardware differences? Probably the 6-node cluster has slower network, less memory, slower disk, etc.
Another possibility that I can think of is, the data involved in your query is probably distributed across nodes. Since your 3-node cassandra cluster has 3x replication factor, I would presume all data you have is available on every node. Then there would be fewer round-trips happening within the 3-node cluster.
Generally it makes sense to me that the latency of a small cluster is shorter than that of a large cluster, as long as both clusters are not fully loaded. Of course with larger cluster you can achieve higher throughput.

> the profile step above shows a time taken of >1000ms

This can be a bug in profiling. If you can provide a minimal example to reproduce, that would be very helpful.

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On Nov 25, 2020, at 6:04 AM, Varun Ganesh <operatio...@...> wrote:

Just an additional note,  you may have noticed that the profile step above shows a time taken of >1000ms. I do not know why this is the case.

When run on the console without profile, it reflects the true time taken:
 gremlin> clockWithResult(10) { graph.tx().rollback(); g.V().hasLabel('label_A').has('some_id', 123).has('', 'value1').repeat(both('sample_edge').simplePath()).until(has('', 'value2')).path().by('').limit(1).next() }


On Tuesday, November 24, 2020 at 4:35:22 PM UTC-5 Varun Ganesh wrote:

I am currently using Janusgraph version 0.5.2. I have a graph with about 18 million vertices and 25 million edges.

I have two versions of this graph, one backed by a 3 node Cassandra cluster and another backed by 6 Cassandra nodes (both with 3x replication factor)

I am running the below query on both of them:

g.V().hasLabel('label_A').has('some_id', 123).has('', 'value1').repeat(both('sample_edge').simplePath()).until(has('', 'value2')).path().by('').next()

The issue is that this query takes ~130ms on the 3 node cluster whereas it takes ~400ms on the 6 node cluster.

I have tried running ".profile()" on both versions and the outputs are almost identical in terms of the steps and time taken.

g.V().hasLabel('label_A').has('some_id', 123).has('', 'value1').repeat(both('sample_edge').simplePath()).until(has('', 'value2')).path().by('').limit(1).profile()

==>Traversal Metrics
Step                                                               Count  Traversers       Time (ms)    % Dur
JanusGraphStep([],[~label.eq(label_A), o...                     1           1           4.582     0.39
    \_condition=(~label = label_A AND some_id = 123 AND = value1)
  optimization                                                                                 0.028
  optimization                                                                                 0.907
  backend-query                                                        1                       3.012
RepeatStep([JanusGraphVertexStep(BOTH,[...                     2           2        1167.493    99.45
  HasStep([                                                          803.247
  JanusGraphVertexStep(BOTH,[...                           12934       12934         334.095
    optimization                                                                               0.073
    backend-query                                                    266                       5.640
    optimization                                                                               0.028
    backend-query                                                  12689                     312.544
  PathFilterStep(simple)                                           12441       12441          10.980
  JanusGraphMultiQueryStep(RepeatEndStep)                           1187        1187          11.825
  RepeatEndStep                                                        2           2         810.468
RangeGlobalStep(0,1)                                                   1           1           0.419     0.04
PathStep([value(])                                 1           1           1.474     0.13
                                            >TOTAL                     -           -        1173.969        -

I'd really appreciate some input on figuring out why the query is 3x slower on 6 nodes.

I realise that you may require more context. Happy to provide more information as required!

 Thank you!

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