Re: Not sure if vertex centric index is being used

chrism <cmil...@...>

I have the same question. Anyone able to offer some light on this issue.
There is (as usually) certain way of constructing Gremlin Query to get local index used,
but there is not way to know it is used or not, making such effort rather a guess and trying to rely on speed improvements.

On Wednesday, October 10, 2018 at 8:53:36 PM UTC+11 m...@... wrote:
It does say  isFitted=true in the pfofile output but it doesn't mention the relation Index name like it does in case of composite indexes.
Is it that for vertex centric indexes index name is not displayed in profile output? Is this a bug?

gremlin> g.V().has('project', 'projectId', 138).outE('hasHouseUnit').has('hasHouseUnitBlock', 'C').profile()
==>Traversal Metrics
Step                                                               Count  Traversers       Time (ms)    % Dur
JanusGraphStep([],[~label.eq(project), projectI...                     1           1           0.641    37.98
\_condition=(~label = project AND projectId = 138)
JanusGraphVertexStep([hasHouseUnitBlock.eq(C)])                      679         679           1.048    62.02
\_condition=(hasHouseUnitBlock = C AND type[hasHouseUnit])
>TOTAL                     -           -           1.690        -

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