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Thank you Marc, I think it does indeed! If I understand correctly, I can use labels to "namespace" my nodes, or in other words as a way to identify subgraphs.
If I have a node with 2 labels instead, say label1 and label2, I can create 2 indices for the same node, right? That is an index for label1.age (Integer) and an index for label2.age (String), both indices containing the same node. In this scenario I should be allowed to add 2 types of properties to the same node, one containing an Integer and the other one containing a String. Then query by choosing a specific label. Does this work? Can I do something like this?

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Hi Laura,
Good that you pay close attention to understanding indices in JanusGraph because they are essential to proper use. Does the following section of the ref docs answers your question?
Best wishes,    Marc 

Op zondag 13 december 2020 om 16:30:19 UTC+1 schreef Laura Morales:I'm new to Janus and LPGs. I have a question after reading the Janus documentation. As far as I understand, edges labels as well as properties (for both nodes and edges) are indexed globally. What happens when I have a sufficiently large graph, that completely unrelated and separate nodes want to use a property called with the same name but that holds different data types? For example, a property called "age" could be used by some nodes with a Integer type (eg. "age": 23), but other nodes on the other far-side of my big graph might want/need/require to use a String type (eg. "age": "twenty-seven"). Is this configuration possible with Janus? Or do I *have to* use two different names such as age_int and age_string?
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