Re: Is there a standard, human-friendly, serialization format?

Evgeniy Ignatiev <yevgeniy...@...>

Hi Laura,

Many people use CSV for data and JSON for schemas (in other graph databases too). Not sure what will be the most "standard" or "efficient" approach, but CSV/JSON seems to be most common. For example and

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Evgenii Ignatev.

On 14.12.2020 09:22, Laura Morales wrote:
All the examples that I see in the Janus documentation seem to use Groovy. Instructions such as, graph.openManagement(), mgmt.makeEdgeLabel() etc.
Is there any human-friendly plaintext format that I can use to write my graph with, and then load into Janus? In practical terms what I would like to do is this:

1. write my graph in a text file, all nodes and edges, and the schema too. So the format should be human-friendly and easy to edit manually. Hopefully not XML.
2. load this graph into Janus by asking Janus to read my graph file. Not in-memory though, I mean to create a new persistent database that is always there when Janus starts.

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