Re: Condition where-inV-is does not work

HadoopMarc <bi...@...>

Hi Anton,

To compare objects you need the eq() predicate, not the is() step (see Also note that JanusGraph uses RelationIdentifier objects as id's.
So, give the following a try (not tested):

Best wishes,    Marc

Op woensdag 16 december 2020 om 10:03:33 UTC+1 schreef Anton Eroshenko:

Thanks for reply.
In real query I don't have an ID, that's why I use traversal in where clause. Tried this one, but it does not work either:

On Wednesday, December 16, 2020 at 1:45:50 AM UTC+7 Amiya wrote:

Try  g.V(41099392).outE('LINK').where(inV().hasId(110792))

On Tuesday, 15 December 2020 at 20:45:40 UTC+5:30 Anton Eroshenko wrote:

Hi, JanusGraph users.
I try a simple query from TinkerPop docs with my JanusGraph installation, but it does not work as expected. How is it possible:
gremlin> g.V(41099392).outE('LINK').inV()
gremlin> g.V(41099392).outE('LINK').where(inV().is(V(110792)))

The last query returns nothing...
How to filter out vertices by traversal? Appreciate any help

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