Janusgraph connect with MySQL Storage Backend

liu molong <1854...@...>


I request your help regardding the janusgraph connect with Mysql or other  Relational DBMS. Because I'm trying to code a module which can connects to Mysql.
And current this module can connect with Mysql Server and do some simple operations like add/delete/query and so on.
But There‘’s some different when do query, I see that sliceStart/sliceEnd when do getSlice。

question 1:
Is it necessary to use sliceStart/sliceEnd when query?Beacuse I just try to  replace the Storage with MySQL,I am not sure whether the slice is necessary for JanusGraph.

question 2:
why don't you plan to support Mysql? Is it for some special reason? 

I will be very appreciate that if you can give some suggestion for the Mysql plan.


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