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Hi Molong,

Did you have a chance to read yet? JanusGraph needs a column-family type database which can efficiently sort the cells by column. For example, the extensive usage of “sliceStart” and “sliceEnd” in CQLKeyColumnValueStore is based on the assumption that Cassandra can store entries sorted by Clustering Column (

As far as I know Mysql cannot store data in a user-specified sorting order. That being said, Mysql allows using index to accelerate ORDER BY operations. So I guess you can make use of ORDER BY to achieve the sorting order, but I am not sure how efficient that would be.

Some resources on creating a storage backend:

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On Dec 22, 2020, at 11:39 AM, liu molong <1854...@...> wrote:


I request your help regardding the janusgraph connect with Mysql or other  Relational DBMS. Because I'm trying to code a module which can connects to Mysql.
And current this module can connect with Mysql Server and do some simple operations like add/delete/query and so on.
But There‘’s some different when do query, I see that sliceStart/sliceEnd when do getSlice。

question 1:
Is it necessary to use sliceStart/sliceEnd when query?Beacuse I just try to  replace the Storage with MySQL,I am not sure whether the slice is necessary for JanusGraph.

question 2:
why don't you plan to support Mysql? Is it for some special reason? 

I will be very appreciate that if you can give some suggestion for the Mysql plan.


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