How to upload rdf bulk data to janus graph

Arpan Jain <arpan...@...>

I have data in RDF(ttl) format. It is having around 6 million triplets. Currently, I have used rdf2gremlin python script for this conversion but it's taking to much time i.e. for 10k records it took around 1 hour. I am using Scylla DB as a Janus graph backend. Below is the python code I am using. 

from rdf2g import setup_graph
DEFAULT_LOCAL_CONNECTION_STRING = "ws://localhost:8182/gremlin"
 import rdflib 
import pathlib
OUTPUT_FILE_LAM_PROPERTIES = pathlib.Path("path/to/ttl/file/.ttl").resolve() 
rdf_graph = rdflib.Graph() 
rdf_graph.parse(str(OUTPUT_FILE_LAM_PROPERTIES), format="ttl") 

Same RDF data in neo4j is taking around only 10 mins to load the whole data. But I want to use the Janus graph.

Kindly suggest to me the best way to upload bulk RDF data to Janus graph using python or java.

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