Remote Traversal with Java

Peter Borissow <peter....@...>

Dear All,
    I have installed/configured a single node JanusGraph Server with a Berkeley database backend and ConfigurationManagementGraph support so that I can create/manage multiple graphs on the server. 

In a Gremlin console on my desktop I can connect to the remote server, create graphs, create vertexes, etc.   

In Java code on my desktop, I can connect to the remote server and issue commands via Client.submit() method. However, I cannot figure out how to open a specific graph on the server and get a traversal. In the Gremlin console it is as simple as this:

gremlin> :remote connect tinkerpop.server conf/remote.yaml session 
gremlin> :remote console  
gremlin> graph ="test"); 
gremlin> g = graph.traversal();  

In Java, once I connect to the server/cluster and create a client connection, I think it should be as simple as this:

DriverRemoteConnection conn = DriverRemoteConnection.using(client, name);
GraphTraversalSource g = AnonymousTraversalSource.traversal().withRemote(conn);  

More info here:

Any help/guidance would be greatly appreciated!


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