Re: Janusgraph spark on yarn error


#Private reply from OP:
Yes, i am running bulk load from hdfs(graphson) in janusgraph-hbase.
Yes, i have graphson part files from spark job with a structure like grateful-dead.json example.

But if application master starting on certain(third) hadoop node is working well.
All nodes have identical configuration.

#Answer HadoopMarc
You do not need to use HadoopGraph for this. Indeed, there used to be a BulkLoaderVertexProgram in Apache TinkerPop, but this could not be maintained and keep working reliably for the various versions of the various graph systems. Until now, JanusGraph does not have developed its own BulkLoaderVertexProgram. Also note that while their does exist an HBaseInputFormat for loading a janusgraph-hbase graph into a HadoopGraph, there does not exist an HBaseOutputFormat to write an HadoopGraph into janusgraph-hbase.

This being said, nothing is lost. You can simply write a spark application that has individual spark executors connect to janusgraph in the usual (OLTP) way and load data with the usual graph.traversal() API, that is using the addV(), addE() and properties() traversal steps. Of course, you could also try and copy the old code for the BulkLoaderVertexProgram into your project, but I believe the way I sketched is conceptually simpler and less error prone.

I tend to remember that their exist some blog series about using JanusGraph at scale, but I do not have then at hand and will look for them later on. If you find these blogs yourself, pleas post the links!

Best wishes,      Marc

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