Re: Janusgraph spark on yarn error


The path of the BulkLoaderVertexProgram might be doable, but I cannot help you on that one. In the stack trace above, the yarn appmaster from spark-yarn apparently tries to communicate with HBase but finds that various libraries do not match. This failure arises because the JanusGraph distribution does not include spark-yarn and thus is not handcrafted to work with spark-yarn.

For the path without BulkLoaderVertexProgram you inevitably need a JVM language (java, scala, groovy). In this case, a spark executor is unaware of any other executors running and  is simply passed a callable (function) to execute (through RDD.mapPartitions() or through a spark-sql UDF). This callable can be part of a class that establish its own JanusGraph instances in the OLTP way. Now, you only have to deal with the executor CLASSPATH which does not need spark-yarn and the libs from the janusgraph distribution suffice.

Some example code can be found at:

Best wishes,    Marc

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