Re: JanusGraph and future versions of ES

Peter Corless

It would only affect the use of JanusGraph+Elastic if you were offering it in an -as-a-Service (-aaS) offering, like a commercial DBaaS. In which case the SSPL would require you to commit back to the code base modifications, UI, etc. 

We did a side-by-side analysis of SSPL vs. APGL when it was first announced. You can read that blog here:

The most germaine language is this:

SSPL requires that if you offer software as a service you must make public, open source, practically almost everything related to your service:

“including, without limitation, management software, user interfaces, application program interfaces, automation software, monitoring software, backup software, storage software and hosting software, all such that a user could run an instance of the service using the Service Source Code you make available.”

But if you are just using it internally, or deep within another product (one that an end user doesn't have direct access to) you have no worries.

Disclaimer: this is my opinion; I am not a lawyer. YMMV. Caveat emptor. Void where prohibited by law.

On Fri, Jan 22, 2021, 6:49 AM BO XUAN LI <liboxuan@...> wrote:
If I am understanding correctly, this does not affect the usage of Elasticsearch in JanusGraph.  Regarding AWS's decision, seems no additional configs/code changes are needed if someone wants to use AWS forked version (assuming Amazon would not introduce breaking changes causing client incompatibility).

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