Re: Janusgraph 0.5.3 potential memory leak

Oleksandr Porunov

Thank you for reporting this bug!

That's interesting. The one difference I see is that now the code performs `rs.iterator()` immediately (and not lazily as it was previously). That said, I didn't check if that's the root cause of the problem or not.
Probably `rs.iterator()` may cause some issues with memory management in that place (line 328) in the PR but it should be verified. I guess, we need to check if `rs.iterator()` adds any memory pressure during the iterator construction.
My point is that `Lazy.of` (which was removed in the PR) memorizes the computation. Thus, repeated calls to `lazyList.get()` will always return the same object. Whereas repeated calls of `rs.iterator()` creates new different iterators.
That said, it's just a spontaneous guess and the problem might be with something else.

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