Can the graph.set-vertex-id setting be changed

Rohit Jain <rohit.j...@...>

For the configuration setting graph.set-vertex-id, the documentation says:

Whether user provided vertex ids should be enabled and JanusGraph’s automatic id allocation be disabled. Useful when operating JanusGraph in concert with another storage system that assigns long ids but disables some of JanusGraph’s advanced features which can lead to inconsistent data. EXPERT FEATURE - USE WITH GREAT CARE.

However, it also says the mutability for this setting is FIXED.  If you try to set it in the CONF file, it says you should set it using the Management Interface.  When you try to change it there it says:

gremlin> mgmt.set('graph.set-vertex-id', true)
Cannot change the fixed configuration option: root.graph.set-vertex-id

So, which is it?  Can it be changed?  If it can, how?  If it cannot, then why even document it, or clearly say that it cannot be set, and for the error when setting it in the CONF file to stop saying use the management interface to set it.


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