Re: Janusgraph 0.5.3 potential memory leak


What @porunov mentions, looks quite interesting. When I made the change in the code, I didn't actually notice I changed the signature that is used for `ofStaticBuffer`. But as you mentioned, it now looks like the reason to use `Lazy.of` is gone in the newer version using the `Iterator` and thus, looping twice can not be the issue.

I think, we can change the old solution to return an Iterable as well but don't call `iterator` for resultSet 2 times.
What exactly do you mean by that? Do you mean to change the implementation of `ofStaticBuffer`?

One thing that I've found is that `StaticArrayEntryList.of(Iterator<E> ... ...)` repeatedly calls a self-implemented method called `ensureSpace` which allocates a new array twice as large as the old one and copies the entries over to the new one. Although the JVM should GC the old (and unused) array, this behavior seems to me like it is prone to cause memory leaks if the unused arrays are not dropped correctly. This method is not used in the `StaticArrayEntryList.of(Iterable<E> ... ...)` implementation.

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