Re: Janusgraph 0.5.3 potential memory leak

Oleksandr Porunov

What exactly do you mean by that? Do you mean to change the implementation of `ofStaticBuffer`?
I mean that possibly we need to change the logic back to use `StaticArrayEntryList.of(Iterable<E> ... ...)` instead of `StaticArrayEntryList.of(Iterator<E> ... ...)`. If so, we may need to use `Lazy.of` again but then we need to think about what exactly it returns (previously it used to return an ArrayList but that's again additional computation which would be better to avoid).
We may also think about improving `StaticArrayEntryList.of(Iterator<E> ... ...)` to not cause memory problems but I didn't look deep into the logic yet.
The first thing which I'm thinking about, maybe we could change
`StaticArrayEntryList.of(Iterator<E> ... ...)` to have the same logic as
`StaticArrayEntryList.of(Iterable<E> ... ...)`. Of course, we can't use that iterator 2 times, but we could store intermediate elements inside some Singly Linked List. I guess something like:
class SinglyLinkedList<E> {
  E value;
SinglyLinkedList<E> nextElement;
That said, I didn't compare space and time complexity of

`StaticArrayEntryList.of(Iterable<E> ... ...)` vs
`StaticArrayEntryList.of(Iterator<E> ... ...)`.

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