Creating the database

Rohit Jain <rohit.j...@...>

Hi folks,

I am new to JanusGraph.  When I look at the tutorials it is all about the query language - how to query and traverse the graph.  I can find very little on how to create vertices, edges, their properties, labels, and what-not.  An extensive example that covers it all.  There is one section in the docs -- Schema and Data Modeling -- that hardly does this justice, as compared to the extensive Graph of the Gods example.  It would be great if it actually showed how to build the Graph of the Gods first, and maybe even how to load it, before showing how to query it.  So, maybe I am a SQL guy and think differently, but you first show how to create tables, insert, delete, update data, and then how to start querying it.  Here it seems backwards.  Any examples I have seen, when I apply I get errors that I cannot understand, when what I am doing looks exactly like it is in the documentation or some tutorial I found on the web on Titan.  It would be great if I could see a Gremlin based example that actually shows the creation and building of the Graph of the Gods graph (or equivalent), so I can get started with this.  Maybe I am just not getting it.  But perhaps someone can either help or point me to some adequate help.


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