Re: reindex job is very slow on ElasticSearch and BigTable


Thanks a lot for your reply..

I tried above solution but unfortunately it did not work.
On scanning through pod logs I came across below warning which led us to adding query.force-index=true in our config.
[gremlin-server-session-1] WARN  org.janusgraph.graphdb.transaction.StandardJanusGraphTx  - Query requires iterating over all vertices [(maid = xxxx]. For better performance, use indexes
Post adding and restarting our pods I came across another warning:
org.janusgraph.core.JanusGraphException: Could not find a suitable index to answer graph query and graph scans are disabled: [(~label = LABEL AND maid = XXX)]:VERTEX
So, the question rounds up to:
Is it compulsory for Janusgraph to have Composite(Internal Index) to query large graphs even though we have Mixed index in place??

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