Inconsistent composite index status after transaction failure


I have nodes with two properties: my_id (long) and package_name (string).
I have defined two composite indexes
* on my_id
* on my_id + package_name (unique)

I'm using JanusGraph 0.5.2 with CQL (actually ScyllaDB), no index-backend configured.

Now I have a situation where, considering a pair (my_id = 2, package_name = foo):
* searching for g.V().has('my_id', 2) produces an empty result
* searching for g.V().has('my_id', 2).has('package_name', 'foo') returns on node, actually a node that doesn't really exists

My hypothesis is: during the write transaction, some failure has occurred and somehow the status of the second index was not cleaned up.

Can I clean it up manually removing the index entry?

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