JanusGraph meetup topic discussion - graph OLAP & algorithms

Ted Wilmes

I'm working on planning another JanusGraph community meetup and wanted to gauge community interest in doing an in-depth focus on tackling OLAP/graph algorithmic work with JanusGraph. This has been covered briefly in previously meetups but I think is worthy of more focus due to the challenges folks face getting JanusGraph/Spark up and running and working performantly. I'm particularly interested in hearing if others have had success with this route in production, and if not, if they've employed other techniques to serve their analytics needs (shortest path, clustering, centrality, data science workflows, etc.). In one case on our side, we had good success deploying a separate, custom C++ in-memory graph alongside JG that serves shortest path requests with a much lower latency than JG and Spark could. Please reach out on this thread or directly to me if you're interested in presenting on this topic or taking part in a panel discussion. I'm currently targeting the March timeframe for the meetup.


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