Re: JanusGraph meetup topic discussion - graph OLAP & algorithms

Ted Wilmes

Hi Marc,
Yes, I most definitely recognize your nickname and have been a beneficiary of many of your answers, blog posts, etc. Glad to hear you're interested in participating. You've been prolific on the lists and I'm wondering if you have a top 5 olap items that you see people have trouble with over and over? A brief presentation of your responses and pointers to what you've already written would probably be very helpful for folks who are attempting the Spark path.


On Thu, Feb 11, 2021 at 10:51 AM <hadoopmarc@...> wrote:
Hi Ted,

Most probably you recognize my nickname from the answers I provided on this user forum on OLAP attempts with JanusGraph. I also co-authored:

showing the need to test the scalability of graph algorithms.
I am interested to participate in the meeting and I am open to suggestions where contributions are most needed (no new material, so part of panel or presenting old material).

Best wishes,     Marc

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