Changing graphname at runtime

Diglio A. Simoni

Note: I cross-posted this to so that I can reach a broader audience, so if you're a member of both groups, please receive my apologies!

I have a situation where I have a consumer API that talks to JanusGraph. It's configured to connect to a a ConfiguredGraphFactory graph with graphname "Graph_A". I want to update Graph_A in *its totality*, which implies dropping it and recreating it from scratch. The problem is that such a process takes a long time, and I don't want the system to be down while Graph_A is being rebuilt. So I have another ConfiguredGraphFactory graph with graphname Graph_B. I take whatever time is required to create Graph_B, and when it's done, I need to stop the system, change the configuration of the API to now connect to Graph_B and restart the system.
But I don't want to do that.
Instead what I'd like to do is: when Graph_B is ready, I would ConfiguredGraphFactory.drop('Graph_A') and *rename* Graph_B to Graph_A.
Is that possible? If not, does anybody have another solution? This is akin to what one does in computer graphics and double buffering....

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