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Vinayak Bali

Hi All,

The query shared by HadoopMarc works. The query, I executed returns 752650 nodes and 297302 edges as a count.  The time taken is around 1min. Is there any way to optimize it further ??? 
Thank You, Marc, and all others for your help. 

Thanks & Regards,

On Wed, Feb 24, 2021 at 2:32 PM Graham Wallis <graham_wallis@...> wrote:
Good query from @hadoopmarc and I like @cmilowka's suggestion, although I needed to modify it very slightly as follows:

g.V().hasLabel('A').union( __.count(), __.outE().count(), __.outE().inV().count() )

That has to be the shortest and neatest solution. Certainly far better than my rather basic effort below, which surely gets the prize for the longest solution :-)


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