Not able to reindex with bigtable as backend


Hi community,

I am new to Janusgraph and am trying to build a POC. I ran into an issue that I really need some help. I am running Janusgraph on GCP with bigtable as storage backend. I am trying to create. a new vertex centric index. Since I already have some data in the database, I will need to do a re-index. The index is in "REGISTERED" status right now. 
Here are the steps that I took:

mgmt = graph.openManagement()
flowsTo = mgmt.getEdgeLabel('flowsTo')
mgmt.updateIndex(mgmt.getRelationIndex(flowsTo, "flowsToByTimestamp"), SchemaAction.REINDEX).get()
I am not sure if there is any way to check the status of the reindex process. I just check my janusgraph/bigtable's cpu/memory, etc, and it shows that the reindex should have finished in half an hour. However the reindex command never returned for hours, and the status is still "registered". If I try to reindex again, it shows
"Another job with the same id is already running: flowsToByTimestamp[flowsTo]"

I don't see any error from server side so I have no clue right now. Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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