Multiple indexes for the same property key with different label constraints

Peter Schwarz <kkup...@...>

I think the root of my problems is that I am trying to create two indexes on the same property key, but with different label constraints on the vertices.  This seemed like a very natural and useful thing to do.  Is it supported (for either composite or mixed indexes)?  I am using cassandra for storage and elasticsearch as my mixed index backend,

On Wednesday, August 9, 2017 at 5:52:55 PM UTC-7, Peter Schwarz wrote:
I'm trying to add a mixed index with one key to an existing graph.  After building the index, I do a commit on the JanusGraphManagement, and then awaitGraphIndexStatus(graph, mykey).call().  The resulting report says the index is REGISTERED, but if I look inside the report success=false and my key is in the "notConverged" collection, marked "INSTALLED".  Subsequent attempts to enable the index are not successful.  The key also shows up as INSTALLED if I look at what is returned from getGraphIndexes.  What does it mean for a key to be "notConverged", and what might I be doing wrong?  I've tried to follow the procedure in the documentation fairly carefully.

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