Re: ConfiguredGraphFactory and Authentication not working


Hi Vinayak,

The information you provide is still a puzzle of little pieces which is hard to make sense of. Do you mean either of the following:

  1. there is some behaviour of janusgraph that is undocumented. Please provide steps to reproduce the issue.
  2. you created a graph with v.0.4.0 and now you have trouble reading it with janusgraph v0.5.2 . According to the upgrade instuctions in the changelog,, there are no specific instructions to read v0.4.x graphs with janusgraph v0.5.x, in other words this is not expected to be an issue.
Or is it something else? Please be very specific.

You state "The difference which I saw between the two was when I start 0.4.0 automatically configuredgraphfactory schema was created in Cassandra, but in 0.5.2 janusgraph schema is created by default. This may be the reason for it."  Can you elaborate on that. How do the different schema's look like. What are the differences in the yaml and properties config files?

Best wishes,    Marc

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