Re: How to circumvent transaction cache?

Boxuan Li

Hi Timon,

I don’t even think you will be able to disable tx-cache by using createThreadedTx(), or equivalently, newTransaction()/buildTransaction(). Unfortunately, as long as your transaction is not readOnly(), the effective vertex transaction size will be Math.max(100, cache.tx-cache-size).

To my best knowledge, you can only modify JanusGraph source code to completely disable transaction level cache. A workaround would be to always start a new transaction to check whether the value has changed.

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「<timon.schneider@...>」在 2021年3月3日 週三,下午9:11 寫道:

Our application has transactions editing many vertices representing elements of a branch. This branch is also represented by a vertex that has boolean property isPublished. Before committing such a transaction, we need to know whether another user set the isPublished property on the branch vertex to true, in which case the transaction should be rolled back.

Here’s the problem:
* User A reads the branch vertex but doesn’t close transaction
* User B changes the isPublished property to true and commits (while A is still making changes)
* User A read locks the vertex with an external locking API
* User A queries the branch vertex again (to make sure isPublished is still false) in the same thread but gets the old values because of the transaction cache.
Now user A can commit data even though the branch isPublished is true.

I know it’s possible to use createThreadedTx() to circumvent the ThreadLocal transaction cache. However, such refreshes will be very common in our application and ideally we would be able to execute a refresh within the main transaction to minimise complexity and workarounds. Is this possible? And if not, are there any possibilities to turn off transaction cache entirely?

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