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Hi Simon,
It seems that you can force JG to re-read elements just before commit according to

I have never try the option mgmt.setConsistency but this may help you.


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Thanks for your reply.

The issue is that we need to refresh some vertices mid transaction. Rolling back is not an option as that would erase edits that we're making in our transaction. Disabling tranaction cache could be one solution. Using a treaded tx counld be an option as well as that transaction does see edits made by other users, opposed to the original transaction:
A starts transaction and makes edits, does not commit yet
B makes an edit to vertex X and commits
A cannot see B's edit to vertex X unless A commits or rolls back.
Again, it is possible to read X by using a ThreadedTx but I'm interested if there's another way to refresh a vertex mid transaction.




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