Question on Design and Suitability of janus graph

Basanth Gowda <basanth.gowda@...>

We are embarking on a new initiative and wanted to get community inputs if using Janus Graph is a good fit. Any alternative suggestions also welcome.  

  • New records are added regularly. Assume every visitor to the website
  • A Visitor can become a customer
  • Customer can join a group voluntarily. A group customer joins could be high cardinality or low cardinality. 
  • Customer will be added to group by the system based on characteristics. (For example Age Groups, Male/Female/Other, Country etc...)
  • Customers can move among groups or cease to be part of the group
  • Customers would be part of a group for a given duration. For example they are part of a group when an event is happening.
  • Customer has multiple Unique identifiers to get them by that key (could be customerId, subscriptionId etc)
We are looking at 300 - 400 million entries.

We are expecting decent amount of OLAP requests like :
  • Give me all the customers that belong to a group
  • Give me all customers that belonged to a group but not any more.
  • Give me all customers that a group but also belong to another group.
  • Give me related customers (referrals)

We have Elastic Search, Cassandra  and others being used in our ecosystem

thank you,

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