Re: Caused by: org.janusgraph.core.JanusGraphException: A JanusGraph graph with the same instance id [0a000439355-0b2b58ca5c222] is already open. Might required forced shutdown.


Hi Srinivas,

If you read you will see that the configured graph configs and their graphnames are stored in the system tables. Therefore, I I suspect it has to do with the names of graphs in the system table and the graphs section of your yaml config file. So, we will just have to try a few things:
  1. what happens if you leave out the line ¨graph: /etc/opt/janusgraph/,¨ ?
  2. what happens if you replace graph: with uniquename: in the graphs section?
  3. does the /etc/opt/janusgraph/ contain a line with graph.graphname=uniquename ?
Best wishes,    Marc

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