Count Query Optimization

Vinayak Bali

Hi All,

The schema consists of A, B as nodes, and E as an edge with some other nodes and edges. 
A: 183468
B: 437317
E: 186513

Query:  g.V().has('property1', 'A').as('v1').outE().has('property1','E').as('e').inV().has('property1', 'B').as('v2').select('v1','e','v2').dedup().count()
Output: 200166
Time Taken: 1min

Query: g.V().has('property1', 'A').aggregate('v').outE().has('property1','E').aggregate('e').inV().has('property1', 'B').aggregate('v').select('v').dedup().as('vetexCount').select('e').dedup().as('edgeCount').select('vetexCount','edgeCount').by(unfold().count())
Output: ==>[vetexCount:383633,edgeCount:200166]
Time: 3.5 mins
Property1 is the index.
How can I optimize the queries because minutes of time for count query is not optimal. Please suggest different approaches. 

Thanks & Regards,

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