.JanusGraph/Elastic - Too many dynamic script compilations error for LIST type properties

Naresh Babu Y

we are using janusgraph ( version 0.3.2) with elastic 6.

when updating a node/vertex with property of LIST cardinality which is mixed index frequently getting below exception and data is not stored/updated.
{type=illegal_argument_exception, reason=failed to execute script, caused_by={type=general_script_exception, reason=Failed to compile inline script 
[if(ctx._source["property123"] == null) ctx._source["property123"] = [];ctx._source["property123"].add("jkkhhj#1");] using lang [painless], caused_by={type=circuit_breaking_exception, reason=[script] Too many dynamic script compilations within, max: [75/5m]; please use indexed, or scripts with parameters instead; this limit can be changed by the [script.max_compilations_rate] setting, bytes_wanted=0, bytes_limit=0}}}

we have requirement to update property of LIST type frequently, but changing max_compilations_rate to large number is not a good idea.

please let me know, if any other option to handle this in janusgraph?


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