Re: Threads are unresponsive for some time after a particular amount of data transfer(119MB)

Vinayak Bali

Hi Marc,

I am using cluster mode to connect to janusgraph after creating the gremlin query. A sample of code is as follows:
Cluster cluster ="xx.xx.xx.xx")
Client connect = cluster.connect();
ResultSet submit = connect.submit(gremlin, options);
I went through many blogs, but not any useful information to run it in embedded mode. Also, is there any way to load data from the backend to in-memory to speed up performance?
Request you to guide me to solve the issues:
1. Connecting in embedded mode to bypass the gremlin driver issue.
2. Loading up data in backend into in-memory to speed up performance. 

Thanks & Regards,

On Mon, Mar 15, 2021 at 12:21 PM <hadoopmarc@...> wrote:
Hi Vinayak,

For embedded use of janusgraph, see:
and replace the properties file with the one currently used by gremlin server.

With embedded use, you can simply do (if your graph is not too large):
vertices = g.V().toList()
edges = g.E().toList()
subGraph = g.E().subgraph('sub').cap('sub').next()

Best wishes,   Marc

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