Re: Index not being use

Robert Dale <rob...@...>

I created a separate issue to track index tool improvement -

Robert Dale

On Sun, Aug 13, 2017 at 8:49 AM, Robert Dale <rob...@...> wrote:
Feel free to add to this issue -

Robert Dale

On Sat, Aug 12, 2017 at 5:59 PM, Rohit Jain <rohit.j...@...> wrote:
Thanks a lot for the clarification.  However, here is what is happening:

gremlin> mgmt.awaitGraphIndexStatus(graph, 'movieid').call()
==>GraphIndexStatusReport[success=false, indexName='movieid', targetStatus=REGISTERED, notConverged={movieid=INSTALLED}, converged={}, elapsed=PT1M0.094S]

In this state neither can I remove the index or reindex it.

gremlin> mgmt = graph.openManagement()
gremlin> mgmt.updateIndex(mgmt.getGraphIndex('movieid'), SchemaAction.REINDEX).get()
Update action [REINDEX] cannot be invoked for index with status [INSTALLED]
Type ':help' or ':h' for help.
Display stack trace? [yN]N
gremlin> mgmt.updateIndex(mgmt.getGraphIndex('movieid'), SchemaAction.REMOVE_INDEX).get()
Update action [REMOVE_INDEX] cannot be invoked for index with status [INSTALLED]
Type ':help' or ':h' for help.
Display stack trace? [yN]N

Firstly, there is nowhere that I can find where the different states indexes have is discussed or how they get from one state to another.  Then, it is hard for me to know what one can do with an index in a specific state.  Right now, I don't know how this index got in this state but I cannot build this index of course since it already exists, I cannot remove it, and I cannot reindex it.  It does not seem to be used since it is not enabled.  Very frustrating!

Also, I created another index that I misspelled.  I just want to remove it.  But it won't even remove this index since it is in INSTALLED state and not REGISTERED state.  Similar to the one above I guess.  So what am I supposed to do then?


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