Traversal binding of dynamically created graphs are not propagated in multi-node cluster

Anton Eroshenko <erosh.anton@...>

We use dynamically created graphs in a multi-node JanusGraph cluster. With a single JunusGraph node it seems to work, but when we are using more than one, synchronization between JanusGraph nodes doesn't work, gremlin server on some nodes does not recognize newly created graph traversal. 
Documentation page says that with a maximum of a 20s lag for the binding to take effect on any node in the cluster, but in fact the new traversal is binded only on the node we did request to, not on the others, no matter how long you wait. So it looks like a bug. 
We're creating a new graph with 
It is created successfully, but not propagated to other nodes. 

As a workaround I'm calling on an unsynced instance, but it is not reliable since from Java application you don't know what instance you will be redirected to by LB. 

I attached a docker-compose file with which it can be reproduced. There are two JanusGraph instances, they expose different ports. But be aware that two JanusGraph instances starting up at the same time result in concurrency error on one of the nodes, another issue of multi-node configuration. So I simply stop one of the containers on start-up and restart it later. 

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