Re: Traversal binding of dynamically created graphs are not propagated in multi-node cluster

Anton Eroshenko <erosh.anton@...>

Marc, thanks for your help.
The way you test it is similar to how it works in my environment. I do"graph1") as a workaround for the second JanusGraph instance. 
But the question is about this statement in documentation
The JanusGraphManager rebinds every graph stored on the ConfigurationManagementGraph (or those for which you have created configurations) every 20 seconds. This means your graph and traversal bindings for graphs created using the ConfiguredGraphFactory will be available on all JanusGraph nodes with a maximum of a 20 second lag. It also means that a binding will still be available on a node after a server restart.
 So I'm expecting that after 20 seconds the new graph traversal will be binded in all JanusGraph nodes without explicitly opening the graph with for each node. I saw in JanusGraphManager the code responsible for this dynamic rebinding, but it doesn't seem to work.

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