Re: Traversal binding of dynamically created graphs are not propagated in multi-node cluster


Hi Anton,

No, my last post only concerned the gremlin server on port 8185, although the
first line of step3 should have been (This was a hand edit error):
    :remote connect tinkerpop.server conf/remote8185.yaml session
The gremlin server on port 8182 from is ignored.

Anyway, the link to the succesful test on github actually held the key to some
more insight. It turns out that our issue (bindings are not automatically
generated after max 20 seconds) is absent if you use the sequence
createTemplateConfiguration() and create(). Unfortunately, this only holds on
the same server where the new configuration was created.

So, I will report this all as an issue and you can comment on it if necessary.

Best wishes,    Marc

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