Loading Janus DB from a distributed program


I'm trying to write a Janus DB loader for my distributed application.  

I have "sub-graphs" which I can successfully load independently, per machine in my cluster.  I do this by using graph.addVertex and subsequently a loop of vertex.addEdge(otherVertex), for each vertex in my sub-graph.

However, I have a second kind of vertex, whose edges can refer to any other vertex on any other machine.  These effectively join my sub-graphs together.

JanusGraphVertices are not serializable, so i cant transport the vertices across machines.  Also I can't seem to find a nice way to fetch these vertices from Janus, from the already loaded sub-graphs.  Is there any way to do this nicely?

I know I could probably write the entire graph out to HDFS and load to Janus with a bulk loader program.  However my application doesn't currently require Hadoop and i'd like to avoid this if possible!

Thanks in advance,

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