JanusGraph-specific Predicates via Gremlin Language Variants (Python)


Hi, I'm trying to use JanusGraph's full-text predicates in the gremlin-python client library. Using GraphSON serializer, I can use a predicate with e.g. "textContains" as the operator and it works since JanusGraphIoRegistryV1d0 registers its custom deserializer for P objects:

addDeserializer(P.class, new JanusGraphPDeserializerV2d0());

However, as of v0.5.3, JanusGraph does not register any deserializers for GraphBinary (though that feature is already on the master branch). This means that when I submit the same exact traversal with P("textContains", "string") in graphbinary format I get:

org.apache.tinkerpop.gremlin.server.handler.OpSelectorHandler  - Invalid OpProcessor requested [null]

I presume this is because the "textContains" predicate isn't registered. Weirdly enough, in my Groovy console, the same traversal works fine even though it also uses graphbinary (according to the configuration).

There are a couple options here and I don't have enough information on any of them, so I would appreciate input:

    1. Figure out what the Groovy console is doing differently and use that in the Python library
    2. Use a Docker image from master branch and adapt the Python library to use the new custom JanusgraphP type in graphbinary
    3. Use two separate clients with different serializations depending on which traversal I need to run (yuck)

Note: I've already tested https://github.com/JanusGraph/janusgraph-python, it does the same thing I do manually and thus only works with GraphSON.

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