Best way to load exported medium-sized graphs

cbobed <cbobed@...>

Hi all,

I'm trying to load a graphml export into janusgraph 0.5.3. not quite big (1.68M nodes, 8.8M edges). However, I reach a point where Tinkerpop layer tells me that the Batch is too large and it crashes (I suspect that there might be an edge with far too much information ... but finding it is difficult).

I've tried to split the graphml file into non-overlapping partitions, but janusgraph does not seem to honor the ID (I'm not actually sure whether this might be omitted at Tinkerpop or Janusgraph level), and when I reach the splitted edges part, it inserts new nodes for both source and target.

Has anyone faced this graphml loading problem before? Should I try to get a GraphSON translated version of my exported graph to run everything more smoothly?

What are the recommendations to deal with this kind of loadings? I'm trying to avoid implementing my own graph loader at this point.

Thank you very much in advance,


Carlos Bobed

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