Re: Strange behaviors for Janusgraph 0.5.3 on AWS EMR


Hi Alessandro,

The executors tab of the spark UI shows the product of spark.executor.instances times spark.executor.cores. I guess spark.executor.instances defaults to one and EMR might limit the number of executor cores?

I also won't hurt to explicitly specify spark.submit.deployMode=client assuming EMR allows it. I am not sure whether Gremlin Console needs client mode to have the count results returned. And with a "zero" result in the Gremlin Console did you mean 0 or just ==>     ?

For having written output on "output", you have to configure the distributed storage, so that "output" is a path on hadoop-hdfs (each executor writes its output to a partition on the distributed storage, so you would have 768 partitions in the output directory). Be aware that TinkerPop uses a bit strange naming in the output directory.

Best wishes,      Marc

Best wishes,     Marc

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