Re: Configured graph factory not working after making changes to gremlin-server.yaml

Vinayak Bali


Which is the janusgraph version being used ???


On Wed, 28 Apr 2021, 11:23 pm , <suprajratakonda@...> wrote:
I am trying to use configured graph factory. i made changes to gremlin-server.yaml and I am getting the following error.

gremlin> :remote connect tinkerpop.server conf/remote.yaml session
==>Configured localhost/[b1b934d6-3f17-40b6-b6cb-fd735c605c5a]
gremlin> :remote console
==>All scripts will now be sent to Gremlin Server - [localhost/]-[b1b934d6-3f17-40b6-b6cb-fd735c605c5a] - type ':remote console' to return to local mode
gremlin> ConfiguredGraphFactory.getGraphNames()
Please create configuration for this graph using the ConfigurationManagementGraph#createConfiguration API.
Type ':help' or ':h' for help.
Display stack trace? [yN]N
gremlin> ConfiguredGraphFactory.create("ConfigurationManagementGraph");
Please create a template Configuration using the ConfigurationManagementGraph#createTemplateConfiguration API.
Type ':help' or ':h' for help.
Display stack trace? [yN]N

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