Re: Backup & Restore of Janusgraph Data with Mixed Index Backend (Elastisearch)


Hi Boxuan,

thank you for the detailed response.

What if inconsistency between my primary storage and my indexing backend is not tolerable? Can I somehow make Janusgraph respect that and fail the transaction if it can't persist to the indexing backend?

As for the recovery options, reindexing seems reasonable. Though I'm worried that reindexing all mixed indices that way will be very slow for large graphs with many mixed indices.


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Hi Florian,

JanusGraph's philosophy is that your primary storage (ScyllaDB in your case) is the primary and authoritative source of truth, and inconsistency between your mixed index backend and storage layer is tolerable. For example, your transaction would succeed if data is persisted successfully in your primary storage but not the mixed index backend. To fix the inconsistency, you could periodically run the reindex OLAP job, and you could set up the transaction recovery process as described inĀ

For your use case, I would suggest running reindex job after you restore data.


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