Re: Making janus graph client to not use QUORUM


Hi Anjani,

To see what exactly happens with local configurations, I did the following:
  • from the binary janusgraph distribution I started janusgraph with "bin/ start" (this implicitly uses conf/
  • I made a copy of conf/ in which I added your
  • In gremlin console I ran the code below (using JanusGraph in an embedded way, no remote connection):
graph ='conf/')
conf = graph.getConfiguration().getLocalConfiguration()
ks = conf.getKeys(); null;
while (ks.hasNext()) {
  k =
  System.out.print(String.format("%30s: %s\n", k, conf.getProperty(k)))
With printed output:
              storage.hostname: LOCAL_ONE
                cache.db-cache: true
          storage.cql.keyspace: janusgraph
               storage.backend: cql
           cache.db-cache-size: 0.25
                 gremlin.graph: org.janusgraph.core.JanusGraphFactory

Can you do the same printing of configurations on the client that shows the exception about the QUORUM?
In this way, we can check whether the problem is in your code or in JanusGraph not properly passing the  local configurations.

Best wishes,    Marc

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