Re: Janus Graph Performance with Cassandra vs BigTable


Hi Vishal,

Your question is very general. What is most important to you: write performance, simple queries, complex queries? Do you mean comparison between managed Cassandra and managed Bigtable in terms of Euros needed for a specific workload? I am not aware of independent benchmark results for the JanusGraph storage backends, while vendors can be skimmy about circumstances for the benchmarks they present.

Some general notions:
  • Cassandra has the non-java drop in ScyllaDb, therefore large JanusGraph deployments often use ScyllaDb, see the materials on
  • JanusGraph has not a lot of code that is specific to any storage backend, but the adapters were designed with Cassandra in mind
  • Compatibility between JanusGraph and BigTable is only maintained indirectly through JanusGraph-HBase compatibility (I am not aware that this resulted in problems in the past, though)
Best wishes,     Marc

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