Custom analyzer with traversal queries


Hello everyone,

As it's my first post, I'd first thank you all for your work ! It has been pretty neat to discover all of the work !

We've started to investigate the use of custom analyzers in our schema (->, where ES is used as an indexing backend.

From what I've seen, initial selections will indeed use the index (e.g. `traversal().V().has(...)`). However, it isn't always used, and sometimes the janusgraph implementation of the predicate is used (e.g. when `traversal().V(idx1, idx2, ...).has(...)`). In this latter case, it's the predicates as implemented here that are run. For text fields, it looks like a tokenization and lower-casing are perform by them directly.

I haven't seen mention of this case in the documentation. So, I'm wondering if my observations are valid.

If so, is there a way to force the usage of ES indices? An IDs query could be way to implement such feature (at least for ES).

All the best,

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