Re: Failed to connect to a Cassandra cluster's all nodes without default port

Boxuan Li


Can you check your cassandra nodes’ configurations? It looks like some of your nodes are still using 9042 for native transport port.


「<zhouyu74748585@...>」在 2021年6月17日 週四,下午4:39 寫道:

Hello everyone, when I try to connect to a Cassandra cluster which's port is not default, just like this 

StandardJanusGraph graph = (StandardJanusGraph)"storage.backend", "cql").
set("storage.hostname", ",,,").
but when I start it,
only one node's is correct, the others' port change to 9042, the default one. so I can only connect to one node.
I try to fix this, but it only useful when all nodes' port are the same.if different node has different will not work.
So I hope someone will have a good solution.

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