Re: Failed to connect to a Cassandra cluster's all nodes without default port

Boxuan Li


I am not sure what code you think is problematic. Can you provide 1) your JanusGraph version, and 2) the specific line(s) that you believe a bug exists?

What happens if you only provide only ONE host:port in the “storage.hostname”? Do you still see the same log? I am asking because the log you provided comes from DataStax Driver, not JanusGraph. The DataStax driver tries to connect to the cluster via the entry points you provide, even though the entry points are not a complete or correct set of all hosts. The driver then fetches meta data from the cluster and prints logs like “New Cassandra host XX added”. Thus, I suspect not every host in your Cassandra cluster uses 9042 port.

On Jun 21, 2021, at 4:00 PM, zhouyu74748585@... wrote:

 all the nodes have the same port。one of the nodes can keep the correct port,  the others will be changed to 9042.
the code is in org.janusgraph.diskstorage.cql.CQLStoreManager
and in this method Cluster initializeCluster()

the cluster builder has a default port 9042,and finally return a cluster with port 9042, the port in configurations will not be use.

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