Re: Phantom vertices

Rohit Jain <rohit.j...@...>

I found my phantom person Vertex.

So, I was doing this query to find the top 5 actors who had acted in the most movies.  I don't think the query is correct for what I am trying to do since the result does not seem to be right.  However, when I first ran this query:

g.V().hasLabel("person").groupCount().by("personid").order(local).by(values,decr).select(keys).limit(local, 5)

I got an error saying that it could not find "personid" for this specific vertex id.  I did the following for the vertex id:

gremlin> g.V(5578792).valueMap()

This told me that I had a vertex that did not have a personid for some reason.  That was my phantom vertex.  I dropped it and then the above query ran.  The result of the above query is ==>[1,2,3,4,5], which I know is not right.  From my SQL query using our product EsgynDB running on Apache Trafodion, I get:

PERSON_ID  NAME                                 NUM                 
---------  -----------------------------------  --------------------

     6830  Robert De Niro                                         53
     5828  Morgan Freeman                                         43
     1053  Bruce Willis                                           38
     5363  Matt Damon                                             37
     4057  Johnny Depp                                            36


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